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Strengthening Community Health Workers

At CHW Strength, we are a SWaM certified organization specializing in strengthening CHW Programs

At CHW Strength Foundation, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization specializing in strengthening CHWs


Community Health Worker (CHW) is an umbrella term for TRUSTED frontline public health professionals that share life experience with the communities where they live and serve

Are you a CHW? Browse our classes and choose the best option for YOU

 Are you an organization that understands the value of Community Health Workers (CHWs) on your multidisciplinary team and aim to create or enhance a CHW program? 

Consider scheduling a consultation with us to discuss additional CHW program technical assistance

Our Story

Our mission is to strengthen the Community Health Worker (CHW) workforce around the world by supporting CHW program development, CHW professional training, &  workforce advancement

We envision strengthening 1,000 CHWs worldwide & 100 CHW programs in the next 10 years

We persistently pursue learning opportunities

We authentically grow

We humbly support community

We boldly innovate advancements

We consistently advocate for cultural humility in all services

Picture of 15th graduating class of CHW Strength CHWs of Winter 2024
13th - 6p CHW Strength_ Graduation Fall 2023.png

Issac Jackson, VA

“Amazing training full with a spectrum of information and allows you to see the world and yourself through a new set of eyes."

Zanda Miller, VA

"...What I most liked about the training was that it was interactive..."

Jarred Barber, VA

“Valuable and professional knowledge on how to serve your community in a positive way!”
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