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Candy from the Jar

Our C.H.W. Services


C. is for Coaching

CHW Program Enhancements

We are willing to come alongside organizations to provide technical assistance for Community Health Worker (CHW) program development and enhancements.

Schedule a coaching session TODAY so we can discuss your CHW program

Have you been thinking about how to create a strategic community engagement plan? If yes, consider scheduling a coaching session with us


H. is for Healthcare

Health Team Integration

We strongly believe that we are stronger together and integration of the CHW team with the larger multidisciplinary health team is paramount.

Schedule a team building integration session with us TODAY

Have you been thinking about  improving the team's synergy? If yes, consider scheduling a consultation with us


W. is for Workforce

CHW Workforce Advancement

We are honored to offer an accredited 70-hour virtual CHW training program. Select trainings can be attended if you only need CHW continuing education training. Tuition scholarships available.


Mark your calendar TODAY and schedule to attend our training!

Have you been thinking about your career and how to advance in the workforce? If yes, consider scheduling a Career Planning session with us

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